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Apr 3

Damn straight!  David Tennant and Billie Piper are BACK!  No more waiting!

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For my tumblr spouse- this is a good thing.  I promise.

And Saturday, March 30, 2013, 9:10 EST, tumblr exploded

Hope they’ve got the backup servers online and running, since the BBC has officially announced DT and BP back for the 50th.  Now I can have my Fangirl Meltdown.

I’m a little excited about this.

I want the link to that video, can you help me please? :(


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heeelp me please!

It’s on the in-picture commentary for an episode on the DW the DT Years boxed set.  I want to say it’s for BP last episode, Journey’s End, as I remember him kissing her goodbye, but I may be mistaken on the episode.  I’ll do an epic rewatch for you- because I love you so much, not because I’m looking for an excuse to rewatch these ;-) - if no one else answers by this weekend.


AU - The Return Of The Fashion Senseless Doctor

└ Rose still has so much to find out.

Can I just say how fabulously creative you all are?

Jul 7


A scrape, a thud, and a loudly-uttered curse were her first indications that she wasn’t here alone any more.

She turned to see a boy not much older than her, sprawled out on the ground, looking at his knee that had been scraped up when he must have fallen. “Are you alright?” she asked, hurrying over to his side. Her mum’s warnings to stay away from strangers, especially after her album release, echoed through her mind and was promptly pushed away. She knelt next to him hands fluttering between his shoulder and his knee, not sure where to put them or what to do with them.

He turned towards her, and she got a glimpse of brown eyes under his mop of brown hair. The curses died on his lips, and he went impossibly still as he looked at her. Her cheeks flared crimson and she pulled away a little bit.

He shook himself a bit, bringing a hand up to swipe the hair away from his face. A grin stretched across his lips. “You’re Billie Piper,” he announced in a thick Scottish accent.

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#my fic #au fic #David Tennant #Billie Piper #I honestly believe the rapid chatter thing is a David thing #and I KNOW the ‘Wellll….’ is David’s #so there #and I gave him longer hair than he had at this time #and used a picture from Takin’ Over the Asylum #because I cannot resist his floppy hair #and I do what I want

Jul 4
Is she wearing Ten’s glasses?

Is she wearing Ten’s glasses?

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Apr 8
You have to love the smile- too cute for words.

You have to love the smile- too cute for words.