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The Doctor in a nutshell.

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My man.

gif meme:  tenth doctor + hair

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Twelve x Clara “The Banter”
▬  ”Well, I would say that person would be an egomaniac, needy, game-player sort of person.”

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PD: “Are you looking forward to Peter Capaldi?”
DT: “Very much so. The thing is, everyone who’s played the Doctor has brought something significant and unique to it, and everyone has succeeded. One of the great pleasures of being a Doctor Who fan is people want to debate and compare […] and each Doctor appeals to different people in different ways. And every Doctor that comes along is going to be different and unique and successful in their own right.”
PD: “Excellent. Anything else?”
DT: “Uhh. A nice coat is always important.”

- The Ultimate Time Lord


Even further back is the 3rd Doctor yelling about the dinosaur in London 

I’m the Doctor. I’ve lived for over 2,000 years and not all of them were good. I’ve made many mistakes and it’s about time that I did something about that.

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u will be missed tim hodlestan :’(



The Day of the Doctor

"The calculations alone would take hundreds of years!"

"Oh, hundreds and hundreds…"

"…but don’t worry, I started a very long time ago."

"You might say, I’ve been doing this all my lives!"

Gallifrey Falls No More!



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#can we just take a moment to appreciate

#that Clint

#while holed up doing a job of watching all the scientists working away

#managed to work out BEFORE the quantum physicist exactly what the fuck is going on

#with the tesseract

#by using pure logic

#it also shows that even though Nick chastises him for doing his whole ‘brood in the rafters’ nesting thing

#that Clint was paying attention the whole damn time

#this is the guy who can fire arrows without looking

#who can calculate on the fly the trajectory needed to lodge an explosive arrow into a propeller

#I will punch anyone who says Clint is useless or a deadweight because he’s squishy-human and is only good for being a marksman

#because he’s deceptively smart

#and plays that close to his chest

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